NorMors Chin-collar

Part number: 100509 L / Part number: 101010 M

NorMors' Chin-collar are intended for use only on a newly deceased person, to make the first preparation of the deceased easier, and more esthetic. The Chin-collar is a simple collar which is placed around half of the deceased's neck and supported by the collarbone. It is partly hidden by the deceased's shirt or blouse. The Chin-collar is a single use product, both of estehetical reasons and for the risk of breakage by multippel usage as it is made from a degradable material.

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NorMors Belongings Bag (NEW PRODUCT)

Part number: 109100

NorMors Belongings Bag is a bag for personal belongings such as a watch, jewelery and other personal items. 

Size: 13cm x 18 cm

Made from flannel material

Available in packages of 10 pcs.


NorMors Air Purifying Bag (NEW PRODUCT)

Part nummer: 109110

NorMors Air Purifying Bag contains 100% diatomaceous earth and is natural, Eco-friendly and antibacterial, no threat to your health and safety. Due to its large surface of small, low-volume pores, which is 5000-6000 times larger than the surface of activated carbon, diatomaceous earth has a very strong absorption. These characteristics allows diatomaceous earth to be very effective in removing odor and moisture.

One set consists of 3 bags, each of 10g, these bags can be separated if necessary.

Available in packages of 10 sets