NorMors Chin-collar

Part number: 100509 L / Part number: 101010 M

NorMors' chin-collar is easy to install and is almost invisible once it has been put in place. In brief, NorMors' chin-collar has the following advantages:

  • Easy to put on, can be carried out by one person
  • Not very visible
  • The face and hair are not covered and the deceased is more recognisable
  • The shape of the face remains intact, without folds in the cheeks as is the case with chin bandages
  • NorMors' chin-collar is degradable
  • The chin-collar does not emit any waste gases when burned

NorMors Chin-collar is available in 2 sizes

Size L - 29g

Size M - 14g

Available in boxes of 10 pcs

Collecting boxes contains 500 pcs



How to use:

1: The chin-collar must be put on the deceased

when he/she is first made ready, before rigor

mortis sets in. The deceased must lie on his/her

back preferably with a little pillow under the head.

2: Make sure the smaller arch is placed under the

chin. The longer arch will then lie against the

breast and collarbone once the collar is on.

3: Take hold of the thickest part of the Chin-collar

with both hands. Pull this out sufficiently and push

it in towards the deceased’s neck. It is important

to get the chin-collar as close to the neck as possible.

This may take some force

After NorMors Chin-collar is mounted you can adjust

any folds on the face by pulling skin "inside" the Chin-collar

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